Beat Back Pain

...WITHOUT drugs, surgery or waiting!

How Glenn can help?

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Glenn Ruscoe can help you beat back pain by:

1) Better identifying the issues causing the problem

Every body is unique and pain has many contributors. Spending time to understand the nature of the problem and systematically testing the structures and function of your body Glenn can gain a deeper understanding of the issues. Then he can begin to implement the most appropriate treatment.

2) Prescribing the best advice and exercises so you can help yourself

With knowledge of the latest research and 30 years of experience Glenn will provide you with the do's and don'ts of daily life that are most appropriate for your problem.  And with the best exercises you can take charge of your own recovery.   

3) Developing a program for long term health and fitness

Every body can build greater physical capacity and resilience, so Glenn will explore with you simple strategies to improve your strength, flexibility and coordination.  And if you wish, he can become the exercise coach you need to enjoy a long, healthy and independent life.

Tell me more

For starters, download the FREE Beat Back Pain Guide, peruse the blog articles and/or read a little more about Glenn and how he can help.

Alternatively if you have unique concerns and are unsure if Glenn can help send him a message using the form below. Include some details about your problem. If you wish, provide your telephone number so Glenn can call you to discuss. Remember to include your name.

Consulting in Perth and Online

Practising from rooms in Applecross (mornings) and Murdoch (afternoons), Glenn has served thousands of people in the Southern Perth region and beyond. 

Click here to check Glenn's availability and even make an appointment at the Applecross clinic.  If telephones are more your style, then the numbers for both clinics are at the bottom of the page

NEW: Utilising Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger Glenn is now also available for online consultation from anywhere in the world.  Just send a message for an appointment.

Your body should be a tool of purpose and pleasure.  So Glenn will bend over backwards (pun intended) to help you beat your back pain...  WITHOUT drugs, surgery or waiting!