Helping You Beat

Back Pain...

that is making them feel restricted and weak; effecting normal activities like bending, twisting, lifting, etc.

Neck Pain...

that stiffens movement to make changing lanes when driving difficult and uncomfortable to read and work.

Headaches and Dizziness...

that makes it hard to concentrate and enjoy a full day of work and leisure activities.  

Shoulder Pain...

that grabs surprisingly with sharp pain when moving and aches and aches at rest, especially during the night.

Hip Pain...

that is deep in the groin or on the side of the hip, making it difficult to walk and even sleep comfortably on your side.

Knee pain...

that is on the inside and builds up with walking and stairs, and can create a grating, grinding noise.

...WITHOUT drugs, surgery and waiting!


Specialist, Teacher, Mentor, Leader & Innovator

Glenn Ruscoe FACP is an expert in the human body and the way it moves.  With thirty years of clinical experience Glenn has helped thousands of patients beat their pain and enjoy full and active lives.

Inspired by his Mother's own back injury and the outdated treatment she received Glenn has always sought the latest scientific knowledge and understanding.  His years of study and training culminated with the title of Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as conferred by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2008).

As a Senior clinician in the profession Glenn mentors and teaches undergraduate students, post graduate students, medical practitioners and other health professionals in musculoskeletal health.

A strong advocate for the profession Glenn has held leadership positions in local, national and international professional Associations and Authorities.  He founded and leads the .physio domain registry.

When describing Glenn his patients use words like "professional, friendly, thorough and highly knowledgeable".  His understanding and insight ensures he accurately identifies the underlying issues, from which he develops individual solutions to help you get back to an active and fulfilling life.

...WITHOUT drugs, surgery or waiting!