Dry Needling Training Program

This two-day program provides a missing element of musculoskeletal education and is a must for all contemporary health care practitioners.

Learn about muscles as a source of pain and the treatment opportunities provided by acupuncture/dry needling. A contextual review of traditional Chinese medicine will set the scene, however the course emphasises the neuro-physiology of musculoskeletal pain and myofascial trigger points.

Primarily a practical course, participants will needle over forty different body parts as they learn how to safely and effectively integrate acupuncture/dry needling within their daily practice. Significant improvements in the understanding of commonly-presenting muscular conditions, surface anatomy and palpation skills will also be gained.

2020 Courses

These courses are conducted through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.. Click on the dates for more information and to register.

Private Courses 

Private courses can be arranged for small groups of 8 - 12 people.

Personal refresher or tune up sessions for review can also be arranged. 

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Course content

  1. Definitions and legal and ethical implications of practising acupuncture
  2. History and theory of traditional Chinese acupuncture
  3. Neurophysiology of pain and the theory of myofascial trigger points
  4. Location and pain referral patterns of common myofascial trigger points
  5. Precautions, contraindications and safe acupuncture practices
  6. Accurate, appropriate and effective use of acupuncture
  7. Identification, location and safe treatment of common musculoskeletal problems

Participant requirements

  • Strong knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal anatomy and physiology
  • Be prepared to needle other participants and be prepared to be needled themselves

All participants will be issued a certificate of attendance upon full participation and successful completion of the written and practical tests.