Online Consultation FAQ's


Is my injury suitable for an online Physiotherapy consultation?

The majority of injuries are suitable for online Physiotherapy consultation, but if we determine that your injury or situation is an exception we will let you know, and refund the cost of the consultation.

How can assessment occur with touching me?

All Physiotherapy consultations start with a 'subjective assessment', in which you are asked a well-structured series of questions designed to discover what we need to know about your injury (without touching you). By the end of the subjective assessment, we have a clear idea of potential diagnoses. Glenn will then ask you to make some testing movements to confirm

How can I be treated without being touched?

Most people's traditional view of Physiotherapy is that it involves 'hands on' treatment. In reality, this is only a small portion of what we do to assist with injury management. Educating you about your condition, identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle, as well as instigating a structured and tailored exercise program, can be even more effective.

Physiotherapy has moved away from a reliance on complex machines and manual techniques, and towards rehabilitation programs carried out under guidance. This puts you in much more control of your own recovery. Research has shown that outcomes can, in fact, be better through online consultation, due to the empowering nature of the system.

Naturally, if we feel you have an injury that requires 'hands on' Physiotherapy, we will let you know!

How do we set up a Consultation?

Simply send your email address using the email message service below and Glenn will reach out to you arrange for a consultation via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. At the allotted time Glenn will ring you and the consultation will begin.

What about payment?

The cost of a 1/2 hour appointment is AUD$120.  Payment must be made before the consultation using a credit card via PayPal. 

Will I need multiple consultations?

Maybe.  It is something we can discuss and agree upon to move forward.